Taxing & Spending

I will create in section 1 a primer of breakdown of fed spending with focus on what the federal govt does, breakdown sources of revenue, how big to GDP over time, etc.

Consensus of think tanks and experts that running large budget deficits and increasing debt levels is “unsustainable” in the long run, meaning some combination will be required of 1) devaluing the US dollar, via inflation, 2) higher taxes to reduce gov debt burden and thus less disposable household income, 3) or less government services and transfer payments (see Debt & Deficits tab). No studies I could find that identified an optimal combination of taxing and spending. This section will point to studies that identify the sources and federal revenues over time, and on what goods and services are they spent. Also, studies that address size of tax burden relative to total economy for perspective and growth of spending relative to size of economy

Provide state fed taxes paid versus federal benefits.

Why should we care?

Think Tank Sources

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